Giants Yoga








It’s been an exciting week in San Francisco with the Giants sweeping the World Series. San Francisco was a blob of orange and black on Wednesday as thousands gathered for the victory parade. Giants merchandise abounds. Bakeries carry Giants cupcakes. MUNI buses have “Go Giants” signs.

Clearly yoga needs to get in on the action too. Celebrate the World Series champs with these Giants-inspired poses:

1) The Pre-Practice Warm-Up

Emulate the Giants pre-game ritual! Before you roll out your yoga mat, gather with fellow yogis and surround your yoga instructor. Bop up and down, whoop, and throw sunflower seeds over each other.










2) Bat in a handstand homerun

Face towards the wall. Channel your inner Panda. Using the strength in your core, exhale and bat your leg up. Don’t worry if you have a little extra heft on you; it might just help you power your leg up. Aim for up and over the wall (but just on it will do for yoga). Repeat three times in the same class. Oh, and when you hit the handstand home run? You can look this happy too.









3) Diving Amazing Catch Pose (aka One-Legged Bow Variations)

Image credit: Sports Overdose

Lie on your belly and come up on the forearms. Stretch your right arm up as if you were about to catch fast-moving baseball. Use your left forearm to help you lift. Extend the left leg and bend your right knee and lift the foot. Keep a strong lift in leg and the arm. Gregor Blanco would be proud.

4) Don’t Stop Believin
Patiently listen to everyone say it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to meet a challenge in your life. Have them point out the odds against you. Deal with their skepticism. Then prove ’em wrong!

Go Giants!


6 Ideas for the Yoga Barbie Line

It had to happen. Now that there’s Yoga Teacher Barbie, why should Mattel stop there? I have all kinds of suggestions for the next dolls they can add to a whole line of Yoga Barbie dolls.

1. Forrest Yoga Barbie: Barbie does endless abs dressed in a bright top, tie-dyed pants, and wrist supports. Comes with a rolled-up mat.

2. Trendy Yogi: Clad in Lululemon pants, wick-away, bamboo top with matching mat bag. And of course, she’s got her coconut water.

3. San Francisco Skipper: This urban girl on the go has all the gear she needs for yoga in her Whole Foods cloth tote. Includes flip-flops, iPhone, and lower back tattoo.

4. Tight-Hamstring Ken: He’s got the outfit and the props to help his buff, but inflexible bod: athletic shorts, tank top, and realistic beads of sweat. Comes with multiple blocks, strap, and blanket.

5. Shakti Power Barbie: She’s got her ganesha shirt, harem pants, mala beads, and dreadlocks. Singing bowls trance dance CD sold separately.

6. Bikram Barbie: Those skimpy shorts and bra top of hers are hot for hot yoga. Comes with multiple towels. Rolls royce not included.

Do you have other ideas for the Yoga Barbie line?