6 Ideas for the Yoga Barbie Line

It had to happen. Now that there’s Yoga Teacher Barbie, why should Mattel stop there? I have all kinds of suggestions for the next dolls they can add to a whole line of Yoga Barbie dolls.

1. Forrest Yoga Barbie: Barbie does endless abs dressed in a bright top, tie-dyed pants, and wrist supports. Comes with a rolled-up mat.

2. Trendy Yogi: Clad in Lululemon pants, wick-away, bamboo top with matching mat bag. And of course, she’s got her coconut water.

3. San Francisco Skipper: This urban girl on the go has all the gear she needs for yoga in her Whole Foods cloth tote. Includes flip-flops, iPhone, and lower back tattoo.

4. Tight-Hamstring Ken: He’s got the outfit and the props to help his buff, but inflexible bod: athletic shorts, tank top, and realistic beads of sweat. Comes with multiple blocks, strap, and blanket.

5. Shakti Power Barbie: She’s got her ganesha shirt, harem pants, mala beads, and dreadlocks. Singing bowls trance dance CD sold separately.

6. Bikram Barbie: Those skimpy shorts and bra top of hers are hot for hot yoga. Comes with multiple towels. Rolls royce not included.

Do you have other ideas for the Yoga Barbie line?