Happy Yoga Anniversary!

At the end of yoga class the other day, one of my students looked up at me and announced proudly, “Today is my yoga anniversary.”
We realized it had been just about a year since I started teaching classes at Mission Blue Center in Brisbane, so it was the 1-year mark for many of my regular students there.

One of the best parts of being a yoga teacher is standing back every once in awhile and witnessing the profound shifts in students, but it is always interesting for me to hear from the student’s perspective what yoga does for them. Reflecting on the occasion, several students shared what difference yoga has made for them in the past year. One student has much more open shoulders and she is able to stay steady in a high lunge. Another student recently starting balancing in crow pose. “I notice my neck and shoulders are not so tight”, commented a student who is a school teacher. “Normally by the end of the school year, my neck is sore with tension, but not this year.”

One student summed it up well. “It doesn’t get easier though”, she reflected. “Yoga is still hard, but you just have to keep doing it.” It struck me how true this is of the yoga practice as well as life. We never stop having difficult challenges. Life is the continual process of showing up and confronting whatever pose, whatever situation is in front of us. And enjoying those milestones along the way.