Yoga Journal Conference San Diego Day 3: Forrest Yoga Celebrate Your Practice

It’s amazing how the third day of getting up at 4:30 AM can start to feel normal. Today we prepared for the morning’s workshop: Celebrate Your Practice. Backbends were the order of the day. Which meant many juicy lunges of … Continue reading

Yoga Journal San Diego Conference Day 2: Revitalizing Arm Balances and Inversions

Saturday was a nonstop conference whirlwind! Right after the early AM practice, we were off to back-to-back workshops followed by Ana’s book signing. The morning practice was rough for me. I can do some pretty advanced poses in my practice, … Continue reading

Yoga Journal San Diego Day 1: Journey to the Core Forrest Yoga Intensive

I wake up with a start. “Oh no!,” I yell. My husband jerks awake. “What’s wrong?” “Do you realize what time it is?,” I scream. By now the whole hotel was awake. “IT’S 8:30 AND I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE … Continue reading

You Must Evolve : Assisting Ana Forrest at the Yoga Journal Conference SF

“And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”” –Talking Heads “Once In a Lifetime” There was a moment during one of Ana’s class sessions where I looked out at the room of a hundred students and wondered … Continue reading

I Just Got in From the Yoga Journal SF Conference…

…and boy are my arms abs tired! Whew! For the past three days, I’ve been assisting my teacher, Ana Forrest at the Yoga Journal Conference San Francisco. This was the second time I’ve gotten the opportunity to assist Ana (my … Continue reading