Halloween Yoga Ideas for Kids

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I decided my last kids yoga class of October would be a Halloween theme. They got such a great kick out of all the decorations that were up at the yoga studio that I thought some Halloween yoga to go along with it was in order. I incorporated some of the great ideas from Yoga in My School along with my own brainstorms.

Here’s some of the activities and games I came up with and used with the kids:

Boo breath: Take a big breath in and then lett it out slowly making a “boooo” sound

Skeleton Warm-up: Warm up each body part by shaking each part of the skeleton (fingers, hands, wrists, etc).

haunted house imageHaunted house: Get creative with anything you might find on your visit to the spooky house:

  • Walk through the doors: two kids make a house by facing each other and bringing hands together making an arch like the top of the house, then everyone else walks underneath.
  • Crawl through cobwebs: Walking cobra, moving the hands forward as you come up and down from cobra pose
  • See spiders inside: Walking like a spider in crab walk or downward dog; can move hands and feet to weave a web.
  • Look around the corners of the hallway: Sidebends
  • Stir a witches brew: With a partner, bring feet together in wide-legged seated position and grab hands and make a circle with each partner going forward and back
  • Stumble upon mummies: Lay on your back with arms crossed over the chest, legs straight. Pop up with the torso to sitting, then come to standing without using the arms. Have everyone become a mummy by rolling each child up in a yoga mat. You can even let them escape by unwinding themselves and starting to mummy walk by walking with straight legs and arms reaching straight out.
  • Discover a black cat: cat pose, complete with a stretch and maybe a scary hiss or pounce
  • Find bats: kids fly around like bats. Since bats sleep upside down, everyone takes downward dog on the wall. If any bats are up for it, you can help spot them up into handstand
  • Have something jump out at you: Do a little leapfrog jump and have the kids what creature it was

But the best part was “The Monster Mash”. Everybody mashes until the music stops and then freezes in a yoga pose.

And of course, we ended with corpse pose.

I hope that gives you some great ideas for some kids Halloween yoga. One little girl claimed it was the best Halloween party she’s ever been to. Or was that me?

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    • Great point, Donna–stories are another wonderful holiday tie-in. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to how you can weave these yoga classes into the larger curriculum for schools. Your site is a great terrific idea resource.

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