Top 10 Titles for the New Berenstain Bears Books

When I was a kid, my siblings and I had quite the collection of Berenstain Bears books. They were these little square paperbacks that fit neatly together on a shelf and featured the Berenstains, a nuclear bear family that lived in a big treehouse. The book themes covered a variety of issues for kids including going to the dentist, moving, and getting along with friends. Kinda preachy in retrospect, but we loved them at the time.

Recently Jan Berenstain, co-author of the Berenstain Bears series along with her late husband, Stan, passed away at 88. Reading the L.A. Times obituary brought back a lot of fond nostalgia of these childhood tales.

However, there was troubling point in the article:
After Stan’s death, Berenstain continued to produce books with son Mike, who will run the family enterprise with his brother. Nineteen new Berenstain books will be published this year.

As my Dad pointed out when I shared the obituary with my family, “Nineteen more books? Really? Are there that many new child-rearing situations to cover and problems to be solve? Maybe we’ll see “The Berenstain Bears Get Carpal Tunnel From Playing Video Games,” “The Berenstain Bears Eat Sustainably Grown Produce,” and “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Laser Eye Specialist.” My brother added, “I can totally picture the cover of “The Trouble With Texting” – Sister Bear is looking at her phone with horror, Papa Bear looking over her shoulder angrily, and in the background, Brother Bear has crashed his car into a tree.”

So I had to throw in my two (ten?) cents:

Top 10 Titles for the New Berenstain Bears Books

10. The Berenstain Bears Encounter the Born Again Bears

9. The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Internet

8. The Berenstain Bears and the Same-Sex Couple Next Door

7. The Berenstain Bears and the War on Christmas

6. The Berenstain Bears go to the Independent, Locally-Sourced, Cooperative Restaurant

5. The Berenstain Bears and the Dangers of Sexting

4. The Berenstein Bears Take a Staycation

3. The Berenstain Bears Learn about TSA Regulations

2. The Berenstain Bears Catch Whooping Cough because Other Bears don’t get Vaccinated (And Other Problems with Listening to Jenny McCarthy Bear)

1. The Berenstain Bears Get Outsourced


Top 10 Favorite Yoga Funnies

Take yoga seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. I love yoga humor. It’s crucial for me to keep my practice playful and enjoyable. Here’s my top 10 favorite yoga funnies:

1. Yoga for Chickens

Bringing yoga to the barnyard.



2. Alex Gregory’s New Yorker cartoon

This one’s on my fridge

3. Bush Yoga

A little dated, but a wonderful mock of the former commander in chief.

4. Yoga Action Squad

Namaste, bitches!

5. Honest Names for Yoga Poses

I like the alternative name for savasana.

6. Irish Yoga






With my last name, I appreciate this.

7. Yoga mat for sale

Nearly brand new!

3. Geek meditation

When yoga meets geek from Joy of Tech.

2. Toilet Yoga

Yoga Dork expounds three key yoga “movements” for relief

1. Yoga Dork

Mentioned in the above funny, the Yoga Dork blog strikes that wonderful balance between reporting on serious issues in the yoga community and sharing the funny parts of it. Highly recommended for some great chuckles along with the latest yoga news.

Got any favorite yoga humor I didn’t mention here? Share it in the comments.




Ana Forrest’s Comin’ to Town

My wonderful yoga teacher, Ana Forrest, is coming to the SF bay area, not once, not twice, but three times in January 2012! She’ll be at the SF Yoga Journal conference Jan. 12th-16th (if you don’t sign up for whole conference, you can drop-in to one of her workshops for $60). The wonderful Kristin (Kiki) Lovelace’s wonderful new studio in Berkeley, Innerstellar Yoga, will be hosting Ana’s workshop and book signing event on Thurs. Jan. 19th. Then from Jan. 23rd-27th, Ana will be at Namaste Yoga Grand Lake in Oakland for a continuing education training (you can sign up for just the morning intensives that are open to the public if you are not doing the full training).

While I was getting excited about getting to see Ana again, I got to thinking about her amazing seeing powers. She has this incredible way of seeing and feeling energy. Ana can be in the back corner of a room during class and still see someone towards the front not relaxing their neck. My awe and appreciation of Ana inspired the below song. Enjoy!

Ana Forrest’s Comin’ to Town (sung to the tune of “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”)

You better watch out
You better not bail
Better not pout
I’m teling you why
Ana Forrest’s comin’ to town

She’s teaching some abs
And doin’ ’em twice
Gonna find out who’s [not] breathing or tight
Ana Forrest’s comin’ to town

With little foam blocks
And firmly rolled mats
Sweaty sweat sweat and poses with straps
Ana Forrest’s comin’ to town

With passion and strength
No coddle nor coo
Chanting and touch
Fierce medicine too
Ana Forrest’s comin’ to town

She sees you when you’re spacing
She knows when you’re not awake
She knows if you’re in struggle mode
So sparkle up for goodness sake!


You better watch out
You better not bail
Better not pout
I’m teling you why
Ana Forrest’s comin’ to town

Stephen Colbert pokes fun at yoga

You gotta have a sense of humor about yoga. I get a kick out of particularly good yoga funnies so I wanted to share this one. I’ve long been a fan of Stephen Colbert ever since his amazing roast at the White House Correspondents dinner several years ago. The other night he had a particularly humorous bit on yoga and the yoga clothing line, Lululemon. My favorite part? “Yoga has long been the exercise of choice for liberals.”


Top 10 Costumes from Bay to Breakers

Flickr photo from Kevin Krejci

Sometimes I love San Francisco, even when the forecast is foggy rain in the middle of May. The annual Bay to Breakers is one of those quintessential San Francisco events that I love.
Getting to the starting line, I watched as a group of Japanese tourists looked on with slightly puzzled looks, cautiously smiling as they took a picture of a woman dressed as a bride with thigh-high garters, accompanied by two friends in tacky bridesmaid dresses. A couple of businessmen emerged from the nearby convention center looking bewildered.

This year, San Francisco officials proclaimed that they’d be cracking down on the Bay to Breakers shenanigans. There’d be none of this beer drinking and nakedness and floats were officially banned from the race. As a result, there were no floats to speak of, but there were record numbers of participants dressed as law enforcement officials, particularly SFPD. Walking over to meet up with my friends, I stepped over twelve packs of beer and dodged half a dozen naked people running (never the people you ever want to see unclothed) through a cloud of marijuana smoke to our meeting place.  Ah, the spirit of Bay to Breakers will go on, crackdown be damned!

Top 10 Costumes from 2011 Bay to Breakers

Photo from Melissa Chang

10. Robots
These ladies were just two of the handfuls of elaborate robot costumes I spotted. Expertly crafted…and how can you not like robots?

9. Osama Bin Laden
I was surprised that I actually only saw one such costume as I thought it might be a popular one this year. It also surprised me that there was no Obama costume or perhaps an Obama/Osama hybrid, with one person sporting the beard and robes, the other waving a birth certificate

8. Jellyfish
I loved the family of jellyfish. Mom, dad, and kids all had a what looked like a pastel-colored, balloon-like jelly fish top attached to their head with little streamers running down. So simple, yet clever and original.

7. Frank Chu
No, honestly, it wasn’t the real Frank Chu, only a guy that looked stunningly like him, complete with the sign. My friend first thought it was actually Frank himself until he got a closer look.

6. Zone of Zero Tolerance
Well it certainly was not an illegal float, but rather a running tent touting the law enforcement decry. The SF Zone of Zero Tolerance Tent zipped along with several costumed law enforcement officials pounding drinks underneath.

5.  Celebrities!
It was a tie between a lady Elvis, a stunningly accurate Prince, circa “Purple Rain”, and a crazed looking young man with an, “I’m on a drug called Charlie Sheen. Winning!” sign.

Image from Sylvain Kalachie's photostream

4. Bacon
It takes many running bacon bits to make a striplet. Even vegans have to smile.

3. Traveling Port-a-Pottie
Complete with a sign that read, “Come in if you want to get shit-faced.”

2. Running Grandmas
Armed with walkers, hairnets, and bifocals, grannies with names like “Gertrude” and “Bernice” bustled along.

1. Hey, what a great costume! Oh wait…
After the race you’d still see many race-goers around. However, it was sometimes hard to determine if the person in question was wearing a great costume for Bay to Breakers or was actually just a regular denizen of San Francisco.

More pictures here!


Top 10 Forrest Yoga Funnies

Forrest Yoga is known for a lot of things, but laughter is not usually one of them. One of the joys that I’ve found through getting more into Forrest Yoga is finding the humor and joy of the practice in life. Here’s a sampling of some of the funny Ana-isms from Ana Forrest when she was in town last weekend. Okay, some of the humor is a little sadistic, but it’s amazing how these moments of laughter in class will get you out of that negative or self-pitying frame of mind and remind you that while you can take your yoga practice seriously, you don’t have to be serious all the time!

Top 10 Forrest Yoga Funnies (as heard from Ana)

10. Let’s rest the abs by going into dolphin
9. Get you strap on!
8. Move your shirt up from your belly for agni sara. Those of you shy about the belly, that’s nice, move your shirt up for agni sara
7. Because in Forrest Yoga, there is always abs
6. Don’t be coy with the block, place it on your crotch.
5. Ashtanga people, let me repeat, bend your knees, then lower all the way down in chatarunga
4. Restorative? That’s someone else’s class
3. Move without jerking. Practice taking the jerks out of your practice. Then once you’ve done that, you can work on taking the jerks out of other parts of your life
2. Rest is a relative term
1. We’re about to move into some f-word territory. That’s right, we’re moving out of thinking into feeling.