It’s On! Day One of Forrest Yoga Handstand 365 Challenge

I can’t balance in a handstand for long. That is without a wall behind me. This yoga pose has long eluded me and been an endless source of frustration. I watch people with envy as they gracefully find balance on their hands or gaze jealously at someone’s picturesque photo of their perfect handstand in some gorgeous outdoor setting.

It’s been a goal of mine this year to balance in handstand. The Grateful Yogi and I decided today to join in the Forrest Yoga Handstand 365 Challenge (#fyhandstand365). As you might guess from the name, this means doing a handstand every day (and take a picture of it), 365 days in a row for a whole year of handstands.

Besides getting in some daily practice towards my goal, this is also going to be a challenge for me to:

  • Learn how to set up a camera to take a picture of myself (after all, my hands will be a little busy)
  • Get more comfortable being photographed in yoga poses (something I almost never do)
  • Commit to a new daily habit, even when I’m feeling frustrated about the fact that I still can’t balance in handstand

You can check out some great pictures and follow the updates on the Forrest Yoga Handstand 365 Challenge blog.

Today is Day #1. For the first day, I thought I’d remind myself that while I can’t do handstand without the wall…yet…everyone can do some version of handstand.



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