I’m On a Yoga Sequencing Roll!

onarollI think it must be the fact that Ana Forrest is in town that my head is going through yoga sequences!

Yes, I’ve been on a roll! I just added about eight new classes to my yoga sequences notebook. You can access the public notebook or the Google docs folder that contains a listing of different yoga classes.

Some of these sequences are classes that I created myself. Others are sequences from other teachers or from Ana. In the case where the class was from someone else, I credit the teacher who taught the class. For each class, I indicate the length of the class, class level, and the physical focus (backbends, arm balances, inversions, etc.), as well as the class theme (opening the heart, strength, delight, etc.). Most of these classes are Forrest Yoga classes, but I do try to note when the class is not Forrest Yoga or when a pose within a class is not a Forrest Yoga pose.

I like to think of these classes as the basic melody to a song. When I’m in need of inspiration, I’ll scroll through and pick a class. It’s rare that I stick to the exact melody, but the class gives me a foundation to get me started on what I want to practice or teach. From there I can riff off into different notes or re-work some of the basic melody to get the song I want to play and practice that day.

My hope is these classes can be a helpful melody for you when you’re not sure what “song” to play that day.

Want to add a class sequence to the folder? Send me an email and I will add in your sequence, crediting you.

Happy sequencing!

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