2 Inspiring Yoga Blog Posts You Must Read

Every so often when I read a piece of writing, I am completely taken aback. I feel my breath catch, physically struck by the raw vulnerability and honesty of the author and inspired by the eloquence in which the writer expressed their experience.
Inspiration Point
This week that happened twice.

And I feel so honored to know both of the authors. Forrest Yoga Teacher and Pole Dance Instructor, Michelle Cordero, has a piece up in Elephant Journal that will not only strike your heart, but completely blow away any preconceived ideas you have about pole dancing. Over on A Grateful Yogi, Abbie Dutterer touches me again, this time with a deeply powerful post about the transformative power of a simple yoga prop.

Go read these posts. Do not pass go. But do be inspired. If you are moved by their writing, be sure to drop them a comment.


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