What’s the Apex of Your Day?

“How do you do all you do: traveling all the time; spending so much time teaching workshops and teacher trainings, AND still stay connected to your spirit?”

This was the question posed by a student in one of Ana Forrest’s workshops during a brief question and answers session. Ana took a pause and a deep breath as she always does before responding:

Some people may wake up in the morning and just be excited to jump out of bed. I’m not one of them. So when I’m lying there still growly, I like to ask myself, “What’s the apex of my day? What is the important high point that gets motivated and out of bed in the morning?” Well, you guys [my students] are my apex. Teaching and training is part of my personal mission.

Not being a person who springs out of bed in the morning with a glow of optimism, I have now added a new ritual to my morning routine. Along with my usual turning the alarm off and wallowing in my deep desire to stay in bed, I’ve started asking myself this same question, “What is my apex today?” I’ve found in helps me focus in on what is really important to me. Yesterday my apex(es) were attending a morning yoga intensive alongside many yogis in their last weekend of teacher training and being as fully present as possible with my family during a funeral and reception. Sometimes my apex is coming up with juicy yoga sequences to try with my students or something as small as thinking of something funny I can email. Focusing on my apex also helps me get through the things I’m not always so thrilled about doing (like getting out of bed), but are necessary to experience the pinnacle of my day.

When I start the work day at my job, I find it’s also helpful for me to think about what the apex for my work that day is. Before I get sucked into email and pulled into different directions, I like to write down a few tasks that are most important for me to complete or put some time into so I’m clear where I need to focus my energy. Of course, sometimes priorities change, but starting with this written framework gives me a place to refer back to and re-align myself when I find myself spending time on smaller tasks that aren’t as important or don’t necessarily need to be done immediately.

But it’s also important to have an apex of your day (or at least a mini-apex) that is not just rewarding tasks or work you feel passionate about, but something that is truly for you. Maybe that’s spending twenty minutes reading a book. Or taking the time to pour your tea into a little tea pitcher or special mug. Even turning on your favorite music mix or putting on a scented lotion you enjoy are ways to add small peaks to different points of your day.

So what’s your apex for the day?

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