Life Matters

Lately I’ve been fighting off the flu bug that half the population seems to have right now. Yesterday I went to lay down for a nap and my husband snuggled up beside me. Achy as I was, it felt so good to have my hair rumpled and his arm around me. Laying there with my head on his chest, it occurred to me that these little moments are really the best part of life.

Yet how many times do I take this guy, the love of my life, for granted? How many evenings am I caught up in things I have to do: laundry to be done; work to finish, emails to answer? How many times are we there with each other, but mostly caught up in our own tasks and life concerns that seems so important in the moment? Do we really make enough time to have just being with the other person?

This above quote is my mantra for 2013. When I’m feeling caught up in being busy and preoccupied and frustrated, I’m working on taking a deep breath and asking myself, “Am I making time on what matters most?” And while work and doing the dishes and running errands are all important things that have to be done, that which matters most shall never give way to them.

Tonight was a bummer. It was a close game and rough loss for San Francisco fans. Yet there was another part of watching the game that mattered a lot more.


Auntie Megan with her favorite little people

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