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Recently I was going back over my Forrest Yoga certification work. To become a Certified Forrest Yoga Instructor, there’s a lot of reading and writing assignments to complete. It was a neat experience to look back over my writing and the feedback from my mentor teacher from nearly a year ago when I got certified. Much of the writing reflected where I was at the time in my life when I wrote it, so it was interesting to see how things have shifted since then.  I was reminded of some of the salient points from the articles and books on the reading list.

Even though I’m reading at a different stage in my life, it’s funny how you’ll stumble across an insight that is particularly relevant to you at that moment. These points in particular spoke to me. Maybe they will to you too.

Go with what you want to offer others, do it, and you will build your belief in yourself.

You are responsible for the intention behind the energy you put out into the world, but the results are not under your control.

And this quote worthy of a prominent place on my fridge so I can stare at it every day:

“If only I’d…” When we second guess our decisions or get caught up in wondering if we should have chosen differently or just done something different, we are halting the progression of our own growth.” –Carolyn Myss

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