Tip Tuesday: Help! I Need a Yoga Sequence

Tip Tuesday is a weekly feature where I offer a few yoga tips that have worked for me in the hopes that they can help you too.

Ever intend to practice yoga at home, but get stuck because you don’t know what poses to do? I’ve certainly been there. More often than not, when my home practice is, er, lacking, it’s because I can’t seem to decide what class sequence to do. I’ve never been one of those people who does well with total “free-form”–that is, doing any pose that feels good to do next. Instead, it helps me to have a class sequence outlined in the beginning. I don’t have to stick with it completely, but it gives me a place to start.

If you’re a yoga teacher, you might sometimes experience being uninspired about what to teach on a given day. Occasionally I feel undecided about what to teach (Backbends or inversions? Twists? What kind of sequences?). Sometimes I just feel like I want to mix up my sequencing more for some variety.

To help myself (and hopefully you too!), I created an online notebook of yoga sequences. Some of these are classes that I’ve created for my classes. Others are sequences inspired by another yoga class I’ve taken with my own spin on it. There’s also several classes directly from workshops or classes I’ve taken with Ana (as best I’ve been able to remember afterwards). For each class, I’ve noted the theme, physical focus, and approximate length and level.  [Note: these are mainly Forrest Yoga sequences, but I note when there are non-Forrest yoga classes]

My hope is that these can help you on those days where you’re drawing a big question mark on the practice or you just need a few ideas to get you going on a class sequence. These can provide a place to start, riff from, and experiment with as you see fit. It’s helped me to refer to spark some ideas or to just give myself a direction for the practice on any given day. You can find the link at the right side of the blog.

The classes also live in Google Docs and are open to anyone to add class plans to, so feel free to add yours to the mix!

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8 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Help! I Need a Yoga Sequence

  1. Megan, what a wonderful gift! thank you! I’ve been a Forrest yoga teacher since 2003, and it’s been since 2005 that I’ve lived in a place with a local community of Forrest yoga teachers. So I truly appreciate the inspiration you’ve provided here! Way to walk in beauty! THANK YOU!! ~jenni

  2. good morning meagan! came across your site today, glad to see your posts and to practice with you in Portland! You are a treasure! I’m in the San Juans for the time being, teaching FY and Qigong. Lemme know if you make it up this way.
    best wishes always,

  3. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I have been practice Forrest Yoga for a few years now, and I recently moved to a new state where there are fewer classes available. I’ve been trying to start cultivating my own practice and was feeling lost on where to start, then stumbled upon this amazing resource.

    THANK YOU! I already feel more at ease knowing I have this amazing guide to help me invest in my own self practice.

    • Hi Kourtney, thanks so much for the kind words! I’m so glad that this has been helpful to you. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

  4. thank you so much, I teach a mixture of flow and ashtanga and today attended my first Forrest Yoga class which has really inspired me and these sequences are a complete gift of broaden my teaching using Forrest yoga inspired sequences. Namaste.

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