All Washed Up

You know the term, “all washed up” to describe something that’s old, worn out, and sad? It’s a really stupid and frankly, inaccurate phrase.

The other day I went for a beach walk with my friend Sandy. This being Ocean Beach in San Francisco, we were all bundled up, but the cold, crisp wind felt good on my face. It was one of those lucky days at the beach where the waves washed ashore all kinds of ocean curiosities.

Sandy enthusiastically began looking for what interesting remnants had turned up. I was struck by how much I can get in my head and not notice all thedetails of the beach. When you start looking for beauty, it’s amazing what you find. Sandy collects the clear sea glass which requires a sharp eye to spot. I collected a number of sand dollars of different sizes and have big plans to use these to decorate or use them for an art project of some sorts. It was a treat to wake up to and revel in the fascinations of the beach.

There were also all these neat rocks that had different swirls of color. It made us wonder where they’d come from and how their markings came to be.

It’s amazing to me what arrives. After being tossed around the tide, traveling about the water, there’s still so much that makes it to the beach as a unique wonder.

Isn’t that like people? Amidst the ebbs and flows of life, getting tossed along the waves, and all that’s happened along our life journey, we eventually find ourselves on solid land again. The markings we’ve picked up along the way only add to our intrigue. Our scars show where we’ve been and the experiences we’ve picked up along the way. Far from being old and washed up, our oddities and quirks are what make us complex, unique beings with life to share.

So I’m embracing being washed up. I can’t think of a better thing to shoot for as I age.



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