Yoga Journal San Diego Conference Day 2: Revitalizing Arm Balances and Inversions

The inchworm only looks innocent
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Saturday was a nonstop conference whirlwind! Right after the early AM practice, we were off to back-to-back workshops followed by Ana’s book signing.

The morning practice was rough for me. I can do some pretty advanced poses in my practice, but the class we did incorporated some of my most challenging poses. Ana introduced us to a new pose called inchworm. It was a pose that did not look like it should be that hard, and yet it left me frustrated and pissed off that I couldn’t do it. In some ways, my frustration was a good thing as it gave me an understanding of how students might be feeling when trying the pose.

Ana kicked things off with an Arm Balances and Inversions workshop that brought a packed room full of intermediate and some very advanced yogis itching for some serious arm balancing. They were not disappointed. Handstand straddle, scissors, and insect on a windshield, were among the poses making up the sweaty upside-down goodness. I enjoyed watching some very accomplished students moving into some beautiful poses. My favorite part was spotting a student up to handstand and helping another get the hang of twisting scissors pose.

And yes, Ana taught inchworm pose. My frustration came up again as Ana and the other assistant demoed the pose. “I should be able to demo this too,” I scolded myself. I observed many of the students, even those who were executing advanced inversions, struggling with inchworm.

Later Ana said something to the class that was almost as if she was speaking to me directly, “When you are shown advanced options of a pose, some of you may be going into internal dialogue of criticism and self-judgement. Can you choose not to go there and instead get fascinated by what version of the pose you can do?”

Revitalize Your Health and Well-Being was next up. Ana had students pick a spot in the body in need of revitalization as a place to focus on and brighten up through the practice. She led the class deep into the hips with poses like twisting shoelace, bird of paradise, and cross-bow. Students were pretty cooked (especially the ones that had been in class with Ana on Friday or in the first Sat. workshop). The challenge for me as an assistant was negotiating the right amount of push: encouraging students to stay with the pose and ride the breath through the intensity, but also honoring their limitations when they’d had enough.

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Ana’s book signing was a success! In fact, she had to stop signing as they sold out of copies of her book, Fierce Medicine. I recognized a number students who’d been in one of the workshops in line to buy the book. After experiencing some fierce medicine firsthand, it was heartening to see them inspired to receive another big dose through the book.


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3 thoughts on “Yoga Journal San Diego Conference Day 2: Revitalizing Arm Balances and Inversions

  1. Hi Megan!

    I love reading your blog and especially enjoyed learning about your experience assisting Ana. Congrats!!!

    I graduated from FYFTT last October and I’m now in the mentorship program w/ Cat and Ann. Needless to say, Forrest Yoga has changed my life.

    Thanks for everything you share. I always look forward to your next post. Perhaps we’ll get to meet at Wind Horse?

    Walk in beauty!

    • Tracey, what a pleasure to connect with you! I appreciate the kind words. I can’t wait to meet you at WindHorse–I will be there! Hard to believe it is coming up so soon.

      Look for longer inchworm description to follow!

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