Get on your wind horse this August

If you’ve ever been to a class with Ana Forrest, you know it is not your typical yoga class.

The Wind Horse conference is not your typical yoga conference.

Wind Horse is the first-ever international Forrest Yoga conference. Held this year from August 17-20 at Snow Mountain Ranch, out in the Colorado Rockies (outside Denver, Colorado), the conference brings together Forrest Yoga teachers, students, or anyone just curious about yoga.

It’s a chance to take classes from the Forrest Yoga guardians. Guardians are a group of hand-selected individual teachers for whom Ana has chosen to carry on the Forrest Yoga lineage. Being a guardian takes a truly special person and involves no small amount of dedication, skill, and hard work. At the conference, you’ll be able to experience the teaching flavors of different guardians and see how they have infused the Forrest Yoga tradition with their own unique spirit and approach. If you want a little sneak preview of some of the good guardian stuff in store, go read guardian teacher, Erica Mather’s moving blog post on why you should attend.

Forrest Yoga incorporates many elements of Native American medicine and ceremony. Wind Horse offers the rare opportunity to experience Ana’s Native American Medicine brother and sister, the Native American Medicine chiefs, Alex Turtle and Chenoa Egawa who will be leading participants in ceremony.

So what does the name of the conference, “Wind Horse” mean? In Forrest Yoga terms, wind horse means riding your breath into vision quest and the great mystery of your self. In practical terms, that often means that moment in class where you think you can’t hold that dolphin pose any longer or you couldn’t possibly breathe any deeper and your mind and body both want to bail. It’s the point where your regular horse is physically and emotionally pooped and wants to retreat. That’s when you have to call upon the wind horse and ride it even when you think you can’t. It’s at those moments of intensity where you go deeper and crack open these areas in yourself you might not have even known you had.

Most conferences will tell you in their brochures and informational materials what to expect from the various sessions and what your take-aways will be. At Wind Horse, you only know that you will dive into and explore some powerful medicine. Beyond that, you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen or how it’s going to go. There’s no telling what surprises, challenges, or insights might surface for you. As Ana puts it, “I don’t know how it will work specifically for you, but it will work in a good way because that is how Good Medicine works. (PS, that is part of the juiciness and why it’s called a Great Mystery– we don’t know!)”

If you’re ready to dive into the Great Mystery that is Wind Horse, register away! Early bird registration ends May 31st. Check out further information on lodging, travel, scheduling, and other details here. You can also to join the Wind Horse Facebook group which is a great way to connect with other attendees, find lodging roommates, talk travel plans, etc.

Giddy Up Wind Horse!

Snow Mountain Ranch

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