West meets East

I try out the new yoga room at SFO

I just got back from a trip to the east coast. My husband and I visited New York for several days and also visited friends in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

I love New York (don’t worry, I don’t own a t-shirt that proclaims this sentiment). Even though I’ve been there a number of times, every trip I still do things I’ve never done before. This time around we explored the meatpacking district, took the ferry to Staten Island, had a drink at the boathouse in the middle of Central Park, and went to see the improv group, Upright Citizens Brigade. We hit some favorites including eating at our favorite sushi place, visiting the bookstore, Strand, and shopping at Uniqlo (Uniqlo is the best clothing store! We’ve been to Uniqlo stores in several different countries, but the only US location is in New York. However, they are supposedly opening a store in San Francisco which has me uber-excited. But I digress). The weather was gorgeous and that added to our enjoyment of strolling around and taking in the city.

Marianne and I in front of Irish memorial in Philly

The best part was getting to visit with friends. I was thrilled to see friends in New Jersey I hadn’t seen in years. I’d never been to Philly before and I loved getting to spend time with my aforementioned awesome yoga buddy, Marianne, and meet her equally awesome husband while getting to check out some of the Philly sites.

Truly the icing on the cake was the Forrest Yoga part of my trip. I met a fellow Forrest yogi for the first time after taking her class in Manhattan. Then I got to take a class in Philly at Studio 34 with Morgan, a wonderful guy who was in my Forrest Yoga Advanced training. I walked into the studio and felt such a sense of love and peace, breathing and practicing together alongside my good friend and guided by an amazing teacher.

One of the things I love about Forrest yoga is the community. Whether it’s a local class, a group practice with fellow Forrest Yoga peeps, or a class on another coastline, I can walk in and feel like I’ve come home. I’m reminded that I’m not alone. My spirit gets brightened.

It’s a little like walking into Cheers…

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2 thoughts on “West meets East

  1. Ah, a fellow Uniqlo devotee. I am happy to report that the SF location is now more than “supposed” — papers are signed, and hires are being made! It’s coming to 111 Powell (right by the BART station, across from the H&M there) by Fall, apparently.

    For more reasons than just the Uniqlo, I’m envious of your trip. I bet the UCB show was great.

    • Parker, I am so excited to have these Uniqlo rumors confirmed. I’ll be in line for it come fall! I will have to figure out exactly how one pronounces “Uniqlo”…

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