What the Heck is a Beauty Report?

Crater LakeIt’s not what it sounds like. Luckily beauty reports have nothing to do with anything related to beauty sections in a magazine. Which is a good thing as I am a hopeless case when it comes to knowledge about hair and makeup products.

My main teacher, Ana Forrest, introduced me to beauty reports. As she’s shared with her students, a beauty report is when you look at your day and report back on something of beauty. It might be a gorgeous sunset or the feeling of a baby in your arms. Perhaps it’s a big thing like landing a new job or getting engaged. Or maybe it’s a small thing like a stranger letting you into a line of traffic or holding a door for you. The quote at the top of the blog sums it up well:

“As you become more struggle-free, you’ll be able to take in the beauty of your surroundings. I don’t mean fashion magazine beauty. I mean the beauty that’s all around us that we forget to take in.” –Ana Forrest

Now I’m no Pollyanna, but for me, beauty reports are a way of getting me out of myself. They are a way to turn my naturally perfectionistic way of viewing my life or what I did/didn’t do and how things went as not being good enough. Even on the worst day, I can find some kind of beauty even if it’s just having a friend to commiserate with or realizing, “Hey, I got through today.” Beauty reports have a way of multiplying and ultimately slowing me down enough to appreciate how many amazing parts there are to my life.

This blog is my attempt to look for the beauty both on and off the yoga mat. I seek to share epiphanies, insights and experiences from myself and others in the hopes that it will help you find more beauty in your life and hopefully share a laugh or two in between.


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One thought on “What the Heck is a Beauty Report?

  1. I once read that when having an off moment, that you should stop and list your blessings. I find that when I do that, I immediately start to smile and my whole perspective changes. Seems like another version of a Beauty List:)

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