My Top 10 Yoga Blogs

Yoga blogs with resources and doses of humor
Asana, mindfulness, yoga news and rumors
Interesting insights and phrases with zing
These are a few of my favorite (blog) things

My Top 10 Yoga Blogs

10. A Grateful Yogi
Abbie is a dedicated Forrest yogi student newly located to the bay area who shares on how the Forrest yoga practice adds to her life on and off the mat. [Side note: she’s a terrific person to have in your class, whether you’re teaching the class or just practicing alongside her]

9. Yoga Dork
The latest yoga news and developments with a terrific dose of snark and humor.

8. Yoga in My School
A terrific resource for any kids yoga teacher as it’s packed with lots of curriculum ideas. Yoga in My School also offers several webinar series as well as a free podcast that features interviews with both adult and kids yoga instructors.

7. The Sacred Cow
Pranamaya’s blog challenges those touchy topics around yoga tradition and practice and how these play out in modern life.

6. Y is for Yogini
Proof that you can be serious about your yoga practice AND have a terrific sense of humor.

5. Young Yoga Masters
Lots of tips for teaching yoga to teens and kids, including class activities, classroom management, and teaching strategies.

4. Stuff I Learned at Yoga
Yoga has some lessons to teach beyond the mat. In this vblog, Erica Mather, a Forrest Yoga teacher in New York, shares ways yoga can be transformational.

3. Suburban Yogini
A former Londoner yogini living in Cambridge, UK, Rachel shares her latest life adventures, intentions, peppered with a yoga sequence or two.

2. Elephant Journal
While not specifically a yoga blog, Elephant Journal is a former print magazine turned online publication about living a mindful life. The posts are constant, however, the free version is limited to three articles a day and front page content. For a mere $1 a month you can have access to any of their content.

1. Ana Forrest
The Huffington Post blog of my wonderful teacher and creatrix of Forrest Yoga, Ana Forrest. Ana’s posts are occasional, but they are so packed with wisdom that each one will keep you something to chew on till the next installment.

Got a favorite that I haven’t listed here? Tell me about it in the comments.


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