Top 10 Forrest Yoga Funnies

Forrest Yoga is known for a lot of things, but laughter is not usually one of them. One of the joys that I’ve found through getting more into Forrest Yoga is finding the humor and joy of the practice in life. Here’s a sampling of some of the funny Ana-isms from Ana Forrest when she was in town last weekend. Okay, some of the humor is a little sadistic, but it’s amazing how these moments of laughter in class will get you out of that negative or self-pitying frame of mind and remind you that while you can take your yoga practice seriously, you don’t have to be serious all the time!

Top 10 Forrest Yoga Funnies (as heard from Ana)

10. Let’s rest the abs by going into dolphin
9. Get you strap on!
8. Move your shirt up from your belly for agni sara. Those of you shy about the belly, that’s nice, move your shirt up for agni sara
7. Because in Forrest Yoga, there is always abs
6. Don’t be coy with the block, place it on your crotch.
5. Ashtanga people, let me repeat, bend your knees, then lower all the way down in chatarunga
4. Restorative? That’s someone else’s class
3. Move without jerking. Practice taking the jerks out of your practice. Then once you’ve done that, you can work on taking the jerks out of other parts of your life
2. Rest is a relative term
1. We’re about to move into some f-word territory. That’s right, we’re moving out of thinking into feeling.
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